About NFLS

The Nanaimo Free Learners Society is a non-profit group committed to supporting and promoting democratic, child-led, and non-coercive education options in Nanaimo. The NFLS participates in decisions made by Maple Hill Free Learning Centre, supports the centre, and seeks to further the best interests of the centre. In addition, the NFLS strives to educate the greater community on changing education practices, the moral and personal values of self-directed and learner-driven education, the benefits of non-coercive education options and of the risks of conventional, compulsory education.


The first annual general meeting of the Nanaimo Free Learners Society will take place on Sunday, March 6 2016 at Maple Hill Free Learning Centre. At this meeting we will review our Constitution and Bylaws, elect the Board of Directors, and complete the necessary documents to register under the Society Act. Memberships to the society will also be available for $5 each.