“This idea is crazy.”

A free education sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? If you’ve never heard of non-compulsory education before, it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea. Kids who are left to their own devices won’t actually learn anything, will they?

Actually, they can- and they do. Conventional school is only one way to get an education, and there are places all over the world that have been doing things differently for years. Check out these amazing schools that are offering their students an incredible environment to educate themselves in.

Summerhill School in England is the first of it’s kind and has been in existence for almost 100 years! Founded by A.S. Neill, Summerhill is a boarding school that produces thoughtful, intelligent graduates that go on to become doctors, artists, lawyers…

The Sudbury Valley School of Massachusetts was founded in 1968 and is a leader in the world of alternative education- so much so that democratic schools are often referred to as “Sudbury schools”.

The Albany Free School was founded in 1969 and prides itself on helping to rehabilitate students that had “slipped through the cracks” at their old schools and help to rebuild their love of learning.

And more locally, Windsor House School has been operating out of North Vancouver since 1971. Publically funded, this democratic school offers students a completely child-led and respectful education.

So maybe it isn’t so crazy after all?

One thought on ““This idea is crazy.”

  1. I personally love this idea !! I un-school my 14 year old daughter right now . We have so much fun together , learning and playing .Please keep me up dated with your posts . I want to help !! I financially can’t , but any other way … I am game to help out .


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