School is a place…

“…school is a place where a child’s life is micromanaged in the interest of the smooth running of the institution. As a result, students learn to comply rather than to act independently. When one complies with the dictates of the institution, these are deemed good choices. When one does not comply, these are deemed bad choices. One quickly learns what choices to make if one is going to get along in the institution. Obedience is still the greatest value held by school. The result of all this is that we create people who don’t know what to do unless they are told what to do. The reason so many kids find graduation and adulthood a scary prospect is that there will be no one there to tell them what to do. There will be no one to obey. The only person who benefits from this system is the future boss who will step in as the authority figure.” -Michael Reist, “What Every Parents Should Know About School” A thought-provoking quote, to say the least. Children do not need to be told how to learn; they are learning all the time!

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