Welcome to Maple Hill

Imagine a learning environment where your child’s voice counts. A place where your child is free to pursue their passion. A place where they’re free to learn, grow, and play exactly as they need to.

The members of the Nanaimo Free Learners strongly believe in protecting children’s rights in education. We are working to create a place where children are welcome to be whoever they want to be.

The Nanaimo Free Learners is in the planning stages of creating a new kind of school that provides a democratic and non-coercive kids-playing-outsideenvironment where children are encouraged to direct their own learning path. Without the confines of a mandatory curriculum, children will be able to dive deeply into their interests and develop lifelong learning skills.

Maple Hill Free School will be a new model of education in Nanaimo and will be a place like none other in our community. We welcome children and families from all walks of life and we can’t wait to get to know you.